Dear CPwRites  family,


Welcome! My heart is happy that you decided to stop by! I am Chantal Porter, a young woman with big dreams, a big heart and high hopes. I am happily married to my best friend and the absolute love of my life (yes girl). I was born and bred in a little rural community in Westmoreland Jamaica (yes I'm an island girl). As a child I was initially fascinated with the clouds and the weather, so I always thought that I would end up as a meteorologist.

After a few years of school however, I realized that meteorology was not my calling. If you're wondering why, the answer is pretty simple. I noticed that I was more obsessed with the Speakers than the actual science.This realization helped me to get into Writing and Public Speaking. Let's just say the journey to finding myself and finding purpose has not been an easy one, rather it has been a winding road filled with ups and downs, turning points and lots of surprises.

CPwRites (CPR when abbreviated) is a safe haven for like-minded individuals (That's why you're here). It documents different aspects of my personal development and growth and speaks on topics that I am really passionate about. I intend to explore health and wellness, beauty, relationships, success tips and my self development journey.

I hope that CPwRites  spreads nothing but love and light and breathes new life into the lives of all its readers. I want to grow and share my ideas with you and I anticipate that you want the same thing. Ever considered what the meaning of life is? I believe that life is all about finding purpose and living in your truth. I hope that by sharing my thoughts with you, this will help me to fulfill my purpose and by extension help you to find your purpose

CPR also belongs to the everyday man or woman who dreams of giving back to friends, family, country and the world. Furthermore, it belongs to the next success story. I hope this blog inspires you to follow your dreams, live outside the box and fearlessly  become the person you were meant to be.

Chantal Porter


To The Future You!