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20 Questions That You Should Ask Yourself If You Feel Down or Unmotivated

Everyday of life will not be perfect. As human beings we are flawed and imperfect, yet still, we are always in search of what out heart tells us is perfection. We measure ourselves against the ideas that we develop and judge ourselves harshly whenever our reality is unable to keep up with our very own expectations of ourselves. For the past few weeks I have been facing a similar struggle. I've been clueless about what topics are worth writing about for a blog post and I have been so hard on myself to come up with something that will measure up to what I believe is a great post.

The drive for perfection pushes us in a corner and keeps us there. When your aim is to be perfect at everything that you do, your brain will trick you into not even trying to do something new because you might fail at it. But I can tell you that failure should not be feared, rather it should be embraced. We learn so much more from the losses or failures in our lives than the actual wins.

So what if you don't score 100% on every single exam that you do? What matters is the effort that you put into getting the actual job done. My friends, doing your best at everything that you do is always enough. The next time you are feeling down or sad, ask yourself the list of questions below and take note of your answers. This will get your mind on the right track so that you can truly achieve all that you want to achieve:


1. How am I feeling in this moment?

2. How would a day in my life look if I was where I wanted to be?

3. What does success mean to me?

4. What are three things that went well today?

5. What do I currently have to be grateful for?

6. What are the tasks that boost my energy level?

7. What are the tasks that drain my energy level?

8. What's the one thing that I would not mind doing everyday?

9. What are my future plans?

10. What are my greatest achievements?

11. What do I love to do?

12. What do I need to change to improve my current situation?

13. Have I been doing my best?

14. What have I been struggling with lately?

15. What are my wins for this week?

16. What are my losses for this week?

17. What made me happy this week?

18. Whats the one I could do for the rest of my life without feeling burdened?

19. What is the best piece of advise that I have ever received?

20. What are emotions trying to tell me?

Life is such a beautiful experience that is meant to shared with loved ones. Spend your time on earth wisely, go for your goals, make your dreams come true and share your light and love with this world.

“Life becomes easier and more beautiful when we can see the good in other people.”

― Roy T. Bennett

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