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A Complete List of Makeup Products for Beginners

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

We all have one or two embarrassing makeup stories in our arsenal of jokes. (Let’s just be honest, nobody has just one or two bad makeup stories). If your first attempt at shaping your brows came out looking like a worm or a square peg with a tail; or if you thought eyeshadow would cover up dark circles and blemishes, there is still hope.

Every beauty guru started out exactly where you are now: with a burning desire but absolutely no clue! Having tried and failed many times over, beauty gurus will tell you that beauty is subjective, and that not all beauty brands, and makeup products were created equals.

The finesse of your finish will depend on the quality of your start. So if you’re new to makeup or you’re not so new but you still need a nudge in the right direction, I’ve compiled this starter kit just for you.

1. Moisturizer

This is a step often neglected by many but it is important for just about anybody with a face (even if you have oily skin). Moisturizer hydrates your skin, protects the skin’s natural moisture barrier, regulates oil production, and the correct moisturizer (with SPF) can help to prevent hyper-pigmentation and sunburn.

2. Primer

Think of this product as the breaker of blotches, the filler of gaps, and the mother of bases. Basically, your Primer is the Khaleesi of products (hello GOT reference...too soon?) The Primer is the base for your foundation. It helps your foundation glide, set smoothly and fills any gaps in your skin that would otherwise affect your smooth finish.

3. Foundation

Your foundation will make or break your entire look. If you’ve ever seen someone with a face that is either several shades lighter or darker than the rest of their bodies, then chances are you’re looking at someone who chose the wrong foundation.

There are a few things to consider when choosing your foundation, and so I highly recommend that you ask for help, or at the very least, test out the foundation before you leave the store. Your undertones, your overtones, the nature of your skin and the type of coverage you desire, are all factors to consider when choosing your foundation. Remember that makeup for oily skin will not be the same for dry skin, so you really want to ensure that you get this right.

4. Concealer

This magic wand is both a fave and a necessity. If you’ve got redness, dark circles, or blemishes that you want to hide, get a concealer and make it your very best friend. Concealers vary in texture, coverage, and longevity and can come either as a stick, a cream or a liquid. Pick your preference and your shade and brace yourself for that photoshopped finish we all know and love.

5. Pressed (or loose) powder

These powders help to keep your make up in place and also lends a hand in reducing shine. Pressed powders are popularly recommended beauty makeup for oily skin.

6. Eye shadow Palette

A nude palette in the hands of a beginner is the most practical option. It gives you the chance to practice without drawing too much attention to your face. It’s comfortable and goes well with just about everything.

7. Mascara

L.V.D is the name of the lash-game. Length, volume, and definition can be achieved with the simple stroke and twist of your mascara brush. Different mascaras create different results, so read the packaging and decide which last-goal is ideally yours.

8. Eyebrow pencil

Beauty gurus have recommended that trial and error is your very best friend. Test out different shades that complement your hair color, eye color and your skin tone (but not just your skin tone, your undertones too) - no pressure.

9. Eyeliner

If you’re a beginner with a hooded eyelid, and you’re not ready for bold eyeliners just yet then this step is optional. You can start off using eyeliner pencils, just to get a hang or working around your delicate eye area and eventually graduate to liquid liners (where they have all the real fun).

10. Lips

The lips rules are simple: pick a color and get to work! Your lipstick or gloss, like everything else, should complement your entire look but at the end of the day, this one is entirely up to you!

11. Brushes and Blenders

Brushes and blenders are the saving grace of the beauty industry. Without them, we may as well just smear paint all over our faces and go to war. The bristles on brushes are specifically shaped to ensure that we get our desired coverage and application. Beauty Blenders help in the same way and are best used when slightly damp.

12. Finishing/setting spray

Horray! So you’ve created your masterpiece. Great work. This final product will help you to ensure that it was not all in vain by helping your makeup stay on all day.

Just spritz your face, catch some breeze and you’ll be good to glow.

You can also check my other posts on makeup for dry skin and makeup for oily skin. Let me know what tips work for you.

Makeup is such a beautiful way of expressing who you are. Here's a makeup starter pack for beginners.

"I don't think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains."-Anne Frank

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