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Hobbies That Make Money- Have Fun While Paying the Bills

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

What is your dream? What is it that drives you to wake up everyday and push through your adversities? Are you currently working on your dream? Or, are you living the life you were told to live by your family, school or worse your finances? I am sure we have all heard this famous line- "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." I fully support this statement for three major reasons:

  1. I once believed the dream that education provides a direct link to the pool of wealth in our society.

  2. I thought that the moment I graduated from University, a top-notch job would be waiting for me.

  3. This dream job would take care of all my wants and needs, and money would no longer be an issue

Was I in for a surprise?

This does however work out for some people though, so don't be discouraged!

Now for the fortunate few, (including those with connections or the individuals who have decided to become loyal to a particular company or career) this system MIGHT be profitable. The question is, to what extent? To foster the development of another man's dream, means that time is always against you, so you might lose precious time that could be spent with the ones you care about. The truth is, we aren't all career people (but if you are that's awesome too), so it's probably time to do another self-assessment. As said by Bob Marley, "who the cap fits, let them wear it." I believe that everyone has particular skills, or hobbies and interests that they can monetize. What's yours?

So, what are hobbies?

Hobbies are activities that people do for fun in their free time or leisure time.

There are many different categories of hobbies that you can look into. These include; Hobbies for men, Hobbies for women, Hobbies for kids, Hobbies for couples and the list goes on. For today however, let's focus on a few Hobbies that make money.

Stand Up Comedy

If your spare time is often filled with people laughing and having a good time thanks to you, then you are probably really good at telling jokes. Why not capitalize on this? Turn this hobby into a career or side income and have fun on the job.


If you know how to make the best pastries or you just love to cook up a storm, then you can earn some money while doing so. Have an occasional home bake sale or sell your goodies to local stores or shops.


If writing is your favorite pass time activity, then you are in for luck as it is one of the many ways to make money and one of the most popular hobbies. You can blog, write books or freelance your talent.

Playing Video Games

If sitting on your couch and playing video games is your thing, you can make some money doing just that. Become a video game tester, rack up some game points and stack up on some real coins.

Video Reactions

If your days are filled with priceless reactions to life events why not do it for the cameras. Create a Youtube channel and post your reactions to videos online.

Song Writing

If you have a knack for writing poetry or music then you have a money making hobby on your hands. You can write songs on behalf of major artistes and collect royalties.

Interior decorating

If you've got an eye for detail and a passion for design then you might just be a great Interior decorator.

Get into Sports

If you're athletic and you're always playing a sport during your leisure time, you can turn this hobby into a cash cow. Do part time coaching or even try out for a team.


You deserve to be happy! Spend some time with yourself and find what hobbies you are interested in. The next step is to find out the marketability of your skill. The INTERNET is a massive workplace where you can offer your skills as a Freelancer (Upwork, Fiverr etc.) or a Consultant locally and internationally. Explore the possibility of opening an online business, selling things you are passionate about (Shopify and other E-commerce platforms).

The opportunities for growth and development are endless, and I am so excited to be taking on a similar journey of my own. My friends research new hobbies to try, come up with new ideas of your own and recreate yourselves. If you are interested in finding new ways to make money online, I've put together a list here that you might find useful.

"Imagination is the highest form of research"- Albert Einstein

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