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7 Interview Tips That Still Apply To The Work From Home Industry

Updated: May 9

I have probably been asked this question a few times too many- So what do you do? The work from home industry is still a mystery to many Jamaicans. Sadly in their eyes it is not seen as 'real work' simply because it does not involve daily commute to a an office space where you can physically touch and interact with your co-workers. For others it is a matter of job security but I can tell you from my personal experience that it is as safe as any other in-office job. In other words, company loyalty is equally matched with your usefulness to said company.

The work from home industry is very diverse. On the one hand, you can work for companies as a Freelancer but you can also get into blogging, ecommerce, proofreading and start a plethora of other businesses all from the comfort of your home. Technology is constantly breaking down barriers and making things that we never thought possible, possible. For today's post I would like to touch on some interview tips that you can use to land your first work from home job. I won't lie to you, working from home has increased in popularity over the years, so finding a job is not always easy. Nevertheless, there is still a significant number of work from home opportunities that you can tap into on multiple freelancing sites.

List of Freelance websites

  1. Upwork.com

  2. Guru.com

  3. Fiverr

  4. PeoplePerHour

  5. Freelancer.com

  6. Envato Studio

  7. DesignCrowd

  8. Indeed

  9. ServiceScape

  10. Workana

Working for home is a beautiful experience. Here are some common interview tips that are still applicable in the work from home industry. Also get a free resume template and a free cover letter template when you subscribe.

A work from home job is no way less than a traditional office job and as such similar principles apply. One such common ground is the interview process. Many people hear the term 'work from home' and instantly they believe that the application process is an unprofessional version of the traditional one. Well this is obviously far from the truth and here is why.

6 Interview Tips That Still Apply in the Work From Home Industry

1. Preparing answers for the common interview questions-

When called for an in-office interview, we often go over questions that we might be asked during the interview. This is absolutely necessary when you are seeking a work from home job. It gives us a boost of confidence that shows during the interview. A lot of the interviews are conducted via video chat so the interviewer is still able to gauge your body language similarly to an in-person meeting, so preparation is key.

2. Researching the industry before the interview.-

You still need to research the companies that you would like to work with (finding the websites of the companies online is not always easy because some companies tend to withhold this information). This will give you some background information on the company and it will help you to provide the responses that they are looking for.

3. Selling yourself on the tell me about yourself question.-

Nearly every interview has a 'tell me a little bit about yourself question', capitalize on it. Your prospective employer whether in the traditional or work from home scene is looking at how your background matches with the culture of their workspace, so share and let your history and that great personality shine through.

4. Asking questions during the interview.-

Interviews are not interrogations. You are allowed to ask questions, better yet you are encouraged to ask questions during interviews. It builds rapport, shows your personality and it is also a great way of showing your employers that you have done your research. So, got questions? Ask away.

5. Arriving on Time-

Arriving to an interview late is always a no-no especially when you work from home. It is a sign of poor time management and it sends a long list of other red flags to the interviewer. The same level of respect that you give to a face to face interview needs to be replicated if you want to take on the work from home industry.

6. Looking professional-

No you can't roll out of bed in the morning and throw on what you want and go (Thank you Queen Beyonce) to an office interview so why do you want to do that for a work from home job? Work from home jobs are not just sidegigs, they are full time income earning opportunities for a lot of people globally.

7. Sending Follow ups/ Thank you notes-

This does wonders in a traditional office job and a work from home job. If you truly want to set yourself a part from the competition send a thank you note or a follow up email after every interview that you do.


"The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity." - Peter Drucker

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