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5 Tips to Keep the Spark Alive in a Relationship

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Long-term relationships are not easy to maintain. As human beings, we are always evolving and changing. It is a natural part of our progression from childhood to adulthood, and beyond. For most of us, we are not the same person that we were last year. Our outlook on life has changed, furthermore, even our personalities probably changed a bit. What does this mean? It means that while you are in a relationship, your partner can become unrecognizable in more ways than one.

Here's the breakdown:

As relationships progress, people become more comfortable with each other. More often than not, some people stop doing the things they used to do at the start of the relationship. A lot of people believe that whenever this happens, people are just showing their true colors. Now, you might be right, but it is a double-edged sword. People get tired and other changes happen that make them act differently. What people fail to recognize is that you can never stop working on a relationship if you are in it for the long haul.

I am no guru, so I can't give you the formula for finding love, but can I give you some advice on what works when you're in a relationship. No one wants to be the reason for their relationship failing, so, here are 5 tips that you can use to keep the spark alive.

1. Never stop dating.-

Couples who have been together for years will tell you that you can't throw away everything that you did in the beginning of the relationship. Go on fun dates with your partner, it doesn't always have to be a dinner date. Try picnics, theme parks, boat rides, or even sightseeing. Dating will help you to know more about each other. It will spark new conversations, lighten the air and deepen your commitment to each other.

2. Do ad-hoc gifting to show that your partner is always in your thoughts.-

The best gifts that we receive as humans beings are the ones that we never expected. In those moments, we feel genuinely appreciated. I can attest to this feeling as well. Somehow you feel warm and loved, simply because this person thought about you enough to surprise you with a gift. Try this with your partner, I guarantee that you will feel the love emanating from them towards you.

3. Spend some time doing what your partner enjoys (compromise)-

Let's clear the air on this one, even though relationships require compromise, the compromise shouldn't require that one individual is always unhappy and uncomfortable.

If your partner has a hobby that they are really fond of, it might help the relationship if you make some time to do it with them. A lot of couples go through a phase in which one party seems to be busy with a sport, game or some activity during their leisure time. Instead of starting an argument about it, participate. Find out why they are crazy about it!

4. Try new things together-

The quickest way to kill the spark in a relationship is boring each other to death. People fail to realize that if they're not learning something new each day or trying something new they are existing not living. Seek out new experiences with your partner. Find fun things that you'll both enjoy and create new memories together.

5. Put your phone down.-

It's hard these days to get our heads out of the cellphone. It consumes all our time and shifts our attention from the things that are most important to us. Being in love is a beautiful thing and maintaining the love has to be a conscious decision. You must delegate time for your spouse every day. Put the cellphones aside, focus on each other and rekindle the passion that brought you together.

Love is a roller-coaster ride! It has beautiful moments, other moments where you might be screaming, unsure moments and moments when everything finally makes sense. It's not an easy road but it is worth finding.

CPwRites-To the Future You!!!

Here's a beautiful quote to take you through the rest of your day.

"Love recognizes no barriers"- Maya Angelou

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