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6 Things To Avoid While In College/University

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Summer has just began and the heat is definitely on! But if you know anything about time, then you are well aware that it waits for no man, woman, boy or girl. What am I saying? You'll be starting school in no time, so there's no time like the present to do some university prep. When I started University back in 2012, there were quite a few things that I did not expect. I had my own idea of how magical it would be and needless to say I was way off where my expectations were concerned. The new school year usually starts in September so you have about two months to prepare yourself mentally for what's ahead (no pressure). College prep for me was really fun and exciting because I could not wait to start University. I decided to focus today's post on some of things that you should try to avoid while you're in University/College.

College prep 101- Things to Avoid

1. Leaving your bags/books unattended especially during exam season-

You probably know this already but a reminder doesn't hurt. While a lot of students in University are generally good, a few might not have YOUR best interest at heart. With that being said, you need to protect your notebooks and textbooks as if though they are top secret assets, because they are. During the exam season, delinquents tend to go on a hunt with one goal in mind-stealing notes from the diligent student. Ultimately, you need to keep your bags close and your books even closer.

2. Friends who are always up for partying-

Every University or College has tons of students who believe that partying is life. Well I'd probably be a hypocrite if I told you to avoid parties altogether but remember that life is about balance. It wont hurt your social status if you opt out of a few parties and it won't help your status if you spend 10 years doing a three year programme either (Choices). It will definitely be an exciting time in your life so try to enjoy the experience while still doing things in moderation.

3. Missing too many tutorials and lectures-

Let's be honest here, it's not easy to attend every single lecture or tutorial for all your classes while you're in University. But you must set solid goals for yourself if you want to be successful. It is imperative that you attend at least 80-90% of all your classes. Whenever you miss classes you miss valuable information that you need to pass your courses. It is of utmost important that you make this a priority as it easy to skip classes when no one is keeping tabs on you.

4. Cramming the night before for exams-

No, I'm not crazy, I'm speaking from my personal experience. If all these years you have been claiming that you can't study, kiss that thought goodbye. Cramming might work in very few instances but it won't save you all the time. Depending on your course of study you will need to actually learn the material by studying it. As part of your college preparation you need to prepare yourself for the world of studying.

5. Not getting enough sleep-

There is a common saying in University that "sleep is a concept". If you refuse to manage your time properly then this might be your reality but ultimately it shouldn't be. You need more than 4 hours of sleep if you want to function at an optimal level. Consider this a forewarning. I believed the 'sleep is a concept' saying wholeheartedly while I was in a University and I got sick ever so often because my body got no time to relax and repair itself. I am in no way trying to scare you but I need you to understand that sleep must be a part of your college plan.

6. Staying away from College Clubs and Extracurricular activities-

Sure, your reason for signing up for university or college is to acquire a degree but what about the other aspects? My friends, a degree can become a liability pretty quickly if at the end of it all you can't find a job or you can't get the capital to start a business. So what do extracurricular activities have to do with any of this? It's pretty simple, they are networking opportunities. While you are in University spend the time to make solid connections with like-minded individuals. This will definitely help you in your professional endeavors.

University/College is another major milestone that can put you one step closer towards achieving your goals. I do hope that you find these college prep ideas useful. Let me know your thoughts on the ones I have listed as well any suggestions that you have.

"Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune."- Jim Rohn

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