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Why You Should Hire A Marketing Representative For Your Startup Business

Marketing is that one thing that regardless of your brand, product or your service, you absolutely need. It’s also that thing that whether you put the effort in or not, you’re always doing, which is problematic if you don’t have a plan or you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. If you fall anywhere on the spectrum of business owners still trying to decide on whether or not you need to invest (and I say invest because it is an investment not an expense), in a marketing manager, then hopefully this will help you to see why it pays to get a marketing manager if you want to scale your business.

You’re super! (just not a superhero)

You’re a business owner. An entrepreneur. A creator of your own path and the author of your own destiny. That’s great! Super! I’m really proud of you! Honestly.

Here’s a little secret though, you’re not quite a superhero. This may come as a shock to you but bear with me here. Because you’re just one person, the law of existence dictates that you’re limited. The law says that you can be amazing at many things but not at everything and never all at the same time. This is as true in relationships as it is in business and a failure to recognize this limitation can sometimes have financial fall-outs.

If you’re a seasoned veteran, then you know that there are necessary points in your career where a bit of DIY becomes necessary and there are other times when you’ll have to cordon off the whole area and call in specialists to assess the situation and address the problem.

The marketing strategy of your business is not a DIY project unless your business/company is a marketing agency or you’re already fully equipped with a highly skilled, experienced and competent marketing team. If that is the case, then kudos to you and continue to do great things and impact your target audiences. If however, your business/company is not quite there yet and you’re starting to realize that your sales are waning or you’re making only minimal ROIs then it may be time to consider getting a marketing manager to tap into the pulsing vein of the available market and put your business, your products and your services into the hands and laps of your target audience.

You have a business to run

If you built your company from the ground up then I’m sure in many ways, all your hard work is a labor of love and your business is in many ways, akin to your child. This means that at the first sign of trouble, your instinct is to run in with bandaids and to start fixing things.

To this I say: RESIST.

If your primary role in your company is not marketing (which most likely it is not) and your degree if you have one, is not in the current marketing trends then the odds of you actually knowing the intimate details necessary to solve the problem are very slim. In the same way that you wouldn’t run to university to pursue a medical degree in the moment that your child breaks a leg, to learn how to make a cast, set the bone and treat area, you cannot keep investing extended hours into taking on the new waves of marketing as they come up. You’ll never get any actual work done and the last time I checked, you actually have a business to run.

Marketing is one aspect of your business. A very critical aspect that could make or break your company’s outcome, however, it is just one aspect. If you start neglecting other things so that you can stay afloat with marketing or run yourself into the ground trying to learn and do and be everything then a crash is waiting not just for your company but also for you.

Cost control

Supporting articles

Articulate Marketing


One popular excuse for not taking on a marketing manager is “budget”. That is the beauty of contracting a marketing manager as opposed to taking on a marketing department as an employee on your payroll. It actually saves you money to contract a marketing manager/agency to do projects/campaigns or even to come in and provide consultation or training to members of staff. Sure, in the moment, while you’re signing the check, but when you consider the alternatives like:

  • Cost of recruiting

  • Cost of training

  • Monthly salaries (for an entire department)

  • Employee benefits

  • Pensions

  • Associated tax

Then hopefully you can see how much you wind up saving my going the independent marketing manager route.

Let’s say that you choose to have a marketing department. That will also save you more money than if you try to apply all the knowledge you have from managing your personal social media page(s) or taking courses as the trends change (and believe me they are ALWAYS changing). Something will suffer from you overextending yourself and that something will cost you financially. You may fail to make a profit or worse, suffer a loss, and in that moment, a check to a marketing specialist won’t seem like such a huge price to pay.

Fountains of creativity and expertise

Marketing, especially digital and social media marketing is a lot like dating.It’s all about building engagement and interaction with your audience on a consistent basis, building trust, creating interest and ultimately developing loyalty. Just as it does in relationships, all those things take time and lots of effort (have some free relationship while you’re here, why not?).

Marketing managers are great at creatively navigating the market space and interacting with the audience in the most appropriate ways. They understand that the rigidity of text vs media is a thing of the past, and are able to discern which combination will engage the senses of your audience in such a way as to send them running in your direction.

They know the trade-secrets

What it all boils down to is the fact that while you’re a super business owner, a marketing manager is the superhero that your company’s marketing strategy needs. Marketing is extremely technical and has many movable parts. Marketing managers understand the ins and outs of the digital world and can stay ahead of the game instead of struggling to play catch up. If you've struck gold, you may even find a marketing manager that will create trends instead of merely following them and that will catapult your business into stratospheric success.

At the end of the day, you’re either consciously or unintentionally marketing your company. What are you saying about your product? What are you telling your audience about how you feel about them? If you don’t put in the effort or if you give as little as necessary then it will be reflected in your results. You don’t get solid ROI and epic profits with substandard marketing practices, any marketing manager worth his/her salt will tell you just that.

"Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well. "- Jack London

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